Benefits of Floating

Sensory-stimulus deprivation floating is being used around the world for its extensive set of benefits. Along with the physical body, floating can boost and recharge the floater's overworked mind and trafficked soul. Find your particular basket of benefits for your float experience here:


Stress is correlated with increased levels of cortisol. Work, poor dieting, especially coffee drinking, hard gym workouts, or anything that disturbs the bodies natural balance will cause increased levels of cortisol production. Flotation therapy has been shown to reduce overall levels dramatically.

Your body is floating in a zero gravity environment and your brain is no longer busy trying to process multiple sensations at once. The mind is left to explore. Free to explore your inner self.

As endorphins are released throughout your brain, anxiety lessens and the brain begins to produce theta waves causing you to visualize more vividly.

Time in the pod allows the mind to be free from all external distractions. While floating, your mind can absorb new information quickly and on a very deep level. The learning process is accelerated while in the theta state.

The enhanced theta brainwave state experienced while floating allows access to the right side of the brain. Commonly associated with increased alertness, creativity, mental clarity, problem solving and learning.

Floating reduces bloodstream levels of stress chemicals such as ACTH, epinephrin and norepinephrin for up to five days.

Stress levels are usually high when trying to overcome an addiction. While floating, your body relaxes completely as Epsom salt replenishes depleted essential minerals. Endorphin "feel good" hormones are naturally produced. Anxiety and depression loosen their grip allowing you to feel at peace. You have insight to your recovery path and can clearly visualize your goals.

Naturally occurring chemicals released by the brain, endorphins are responsible for relieving pain and enhancing our overall mood. The increase of endorphin production while floating often leads to feelings of euphoria.

Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder - aka, "Too much going on in the mind." We all experience this on some level or another, however some more than others. When this is the case, you need to remove stimulus to the mind to quiet it. Floating gives that space for the mind to finally take a break, whether it wants to or not. Find peace in the pod.

Post Traumatic Stress is serious, and so are the benefits of floating for allowing the mind to rest and healing to occur. In a float, one may experience nothing, or may also be provided with a calm, safe space to experience only the thoughts they choose and to go deeper into them, thus unlocking healing and removing the traumatic event's power.


As the pressure of gravity is relieved from your muscles, built up tension decreases, helping every muscle in your body relax like never before.

Complete isolation of all senses while inside the pod, lowers the sensory input of sight, sound, and touch, calming the nervous system, which in turn lowers overall blood pressure levels.

Studies show that an hour long session of floating is equivalent to approximately four hours of deep sleep.

The zero gravity environment experienced while floating, relieves built up pressures and tension on the back and neck. As they are no longer fighting the pull of gravity.

The National Institute of Health reports that anywhere from 68 to 80 percent of Americans are magnesium deficient. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) used in flotation therapy is absorbed by the skin, elevating magnesium levels.

Endorphins, a natural occurring chemical in the body, triggers positive emotion and pain relief. Endorphins are released while floating, providing the body with a sense of elation, critical for fighting off migraines and headaches.

Our senses are continuously bombarded with external stimuli all the time. After a session in the floatation pod, your body has a chance to reset. Studies have shown increased visual acuity, improved tactile perception, accelerated auditory sensitivity, and an increased taste palette long after the float session is over.

While floating in a deep relaxed state, blood circulation improves, advancing the growth and regeneration of muscle tissue.

The high concentration of epsom salt (1000 lbs) dissolved in the float tank will draw out harmful toxins, easing swelling and inflammation.

Endorphins activate nk cells (natural killer cells). Nk cells kill the defective cells in your body that can hinder your immune system.

Floating in a pool of water this dense will completly support your body, allowing increased blood flow to your joints and soft tissues.


In the float tank you can completely center and "find yourself" once again. There are no distractions of the things "to do," and rather you are left to just BE. "Experience Nothing, Be Everything."  That's our motto.

When you find yourself with nothing else going on, you've now given yourself the chance to expand and for creative potential to take course. Experience vivid mental images as the mind unlocks one of it's greatest tools; the imagination.

Find your inspiration to do more when your body, mind and spirit feel fully rested. With no other stimulus to take place, the visions begin to overflow of the life you have wanted and were too distracted to see.

Creativity is most often blocked by stress. In the float tank the stress just drifts away, into the calm and soft waters around you. Find clarity of your creativity, with a great level of energy to go with it. You won't want to wait to get out of the tank to write down all of your amazing ideas.

The state in between fully asleep and fully awake, the theta state is when the body rests and rejuvenates. As such, your spirit will also feel recharged and ready to go, manifesting your dreams into reality.

Free from gravity's pull, temperature, touch, sight, and sound. Floating "resets" the bodies hormonal and metabolic balance. Within as little as 15 minutes, floating can induce a meditative state equivalent to that of a skilled mediator with many years experience in meditation technique.

Floating promotes a synchronization between the left and right sides of the brain. This synchrony results in enhanced information reception and processing.

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