Join us in making Gainesville history by adding this magical new, floating landmark to the heart of downtown and our thriving community.

John Spence is recognized as one of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America, one of the Top 100 Small Business Influencers in America, and one of the Top 500 Leadership Development Experts in the World. In this short testimonial John describes his own experience of floating and why, as a local to Gainesville, he can't wait for The Float Center to exist in Gainesville, FL.

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A rendering of The Float Center - Sustainable construction made from up-cycled shipping containers, wrapped around a 110-yr old house and solar-powered in the heart of downtown.

A sneak peak rendering of The Float Center's interior and the Evolution float pod itself...

A trellis of wood and vines will wrap the containers housing the float rooms for natural yet modern feel to the space.

The Float Center will be centrally located in the heart of downtown Gainesville, next to the Sun Center and the Hippodrome, and just a mile from the University of Florida and Shands.


Testimonials From The Healed

  • Testimonial – Megan Shea
  • Testimonial – Vicki Vander Laan
  • Testimonial – Ariana Aragon
  • Testimonial – Ariel Linville
  • Testimonial – Martin Gawlak
  • Testimonial – Mat Chandler

To me, my first experience floating was also my first successful attempt at meditation. As someone who often has a difficult time turning off the mental to-do list, truly meditating and experiencing its benefits was always difficult for me. I went into my first floating experience with this same sense of cynicism. Out of the quiet and darkness, I was able to silence nagging thoughts and think more productively. Muscles that had become tense from everyday stresses were refreshed. I realized that floating was a means of facilitating meditation for people like myself.

Megan Shea / Gainesville Scene

My maiden float was a mixture of apprehension and curiosity, but after exiting the float tank and processing my experience, I was 100% on board with the therapeutic effects of floating. My senses were acutely enhanced, my mind was clear and empowered and physically all joint pain, and hand numbness was relieved.

Vicki Vander Laan / Dillards

Floating was a unique sensation that made me feel exceptionally human, despite being so removed from my physical body. The sudden yet intimate awareness of my mind & body was a unique sensation.. like a meditation aid allowing me to just "be" and connect to my self fully, while quieting my thoughts or at the very least separating myself from them.

Ariana Aragon / Gainesville Scene

Floating is an amazing way of silencing your mind and reconnecting with yourself. My mind was clear, I felt complete ease within and stillness I have only experienced in a meditative state. I felt harmony and balance during, as well as, a few days after my floating experience.

Ariel Linville / Ariel Linville Designs

I work 60+ hours a week. While I pay close attention to my work, I seem to have been neglecting my body. My first float experience was daunting because it showed me how much pain my body was actually in. Now that I know, I've immediately and easily changed my habits to help keep me suited for an above average workload--both for my body and mind.

Martin Gawlak / BandTuro

Floating has changed my life forever. For the first time I felt like I could really rest... Like I could really let everything go, let the mind quiet, and just be. I came out of the float tank feeling refreshed and renewed, with the clarity and creativity of a wide-eyed child. So simple, so subtle, yet so profound.

Mathew Chandler / The Float Center

The Benefits Of Floating

The reason we know the Float Center will be a perfect landmark for Gainesville is because of the range of people that benefit, and the multitude of those benefits. See the brief list of the benefits of Floating below.


Lower Blood Pressure
Fight Fatigue & Jet Lag
Lower Back & Neck Pain
Migraine & Headache Relief
Muscle Tissue Regeneration
Reduce Swelling & Inflammation
Boost Immunity
Reduce Joint Pain
Soothe Nervous System


Stress Relief
Increase Creativity
Mental Clarity
Accelerate Learning
Enhance Alertness
Lower Anxiety
Overcome Addiction
Combat Depression


No Distractions
Vivid Mental Images
Visionary Inspiration
Insightful Creativity
Theta Brainwave Activity
Unparalleled Relaxation
Problem Solving
Deep Meditation
Enter "Flow State"

The FLOAT ON Series

Experience Nothing | Be Everything

An original blog article series highlighting the people, places, and stories of floating happening around the world. And soon--around the corner.


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